Couture vs. Cheapskate: Grey Lace Tote

Can you guess which tote costs $3495 vs. $68?

Tote A


Tote B

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Grey leather.  Lace.  Valentino?  Is this heaven?

Comparing the totes side by side, Tote B's detail is more intircate and the ruffles more dramatic.  The laser cut leather is beautiful and the studs on the bottom of the bag just provide an upscale detail that Tote A lacks.  I also find the scrunching detail on the handles of Tote B to be far more exquisite.

That being said Tote B is Valentino...and $3495.  And no longer available for purchase.

So for $68, I can live with Tote A as a Valentino-inspired option.

Delicacies Tote
$68 at Francesca's Collection To Buy

For Spring, a grey handbag is a fashionable alternative when your black bag feels too heavy.  The lace ruffles give the bag a casual feel but dressy enough to carry for work or an occassion.  I am also somewhat intrigued by the size of the bag as it seems it would fit a lot which is perfect for warm weather when I tend to like to travel with flip flops in my purse at all times.

Tote B is a dream come true but holy smokes, $3495 is a lot of dough.  I guess the win here is that there is a $68 version available for those who need an all-purpose bag this Spring.   

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