All of the Lights

I have a confession.  I love Kanye West. 

I mean if you are willing to wear a women's Chanel sequined jacket out in public, how bad can you really be? 

As an artist if you are willing to end up in an US Weekly "Who Wore It Best" face-off because you and Liv Tyler wore the same Givenchy rottweiler t-shirt at a Paris fashion show...I say keep pushing the fashion envelope!  Everyone knows stylish scary dog tees are unisex!  Not to mention tasteful.

And I agree Kanye.  Beyonce did have the best video of the year.  Everyone knows it.  It needed to be said.

But while I applaud you for your fashion risk-taking, I am more thankful than anything else.  Thank you for providing me with hours on end of entertainment as I analyze who is singing what section of your single, "All of The Lights."  You see it features 11 different artists in addition to Mr. West from Fergie to Elton John.

So give it a listen and see if you can pick out who is who in the musical layers.  I think some of the vocals are obvious (Rihanna, Kid Cudi, Alicia Keys) and others not so much (John Legend, Elton John).  Either way you will spend some time pondering and when doing the commute like I do, you will take all the cheap entertainment you can get.

For those of you looking for another 5 minutes of entertainment, look for the official video on YouTube.  However I issue the following warnings:  there is an official seizure warning, naughty words, an implied intimate act and Rihanna wearing suspenders as a shirt.  I am not linking up to it because CC does not endorse those things.

Apparently what I do endorse is unisex fashion, being mean to young innocent people and songs that have 11 featured guests.

CC Tip:  "All of the Lights" is currently being played on most Top 40 radio stations so there is definitely a clean version of this song for your listening pleasure. And the radio is free!

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