Crisp Champagne Candle

Champagne Celebration Week continues with a new candle I am currently loving.

Voluspa candle in Crisp Champagne
$22.50 - $35 at Bloomingdale's To Buy

Of course after falling in love with the Voluspa Italian Tangelo candle I had to sample more from their collection.  Because I am drawn to anything related to the bubbly I had to give the Crisp Champagne a try.

I am glad I did. 

In the past when I have tried something champagne-scented, I have been disappointed because it smells too tangy.  This candle is more sweet and subtle.  The champagne scent is mixed with vanilla and oak for balance to keep it from going too tart.  It is perfect when you want a candle that gives off a light scent but does not overpower the room.  Ideal for small spaces and those sensitive to fragrance.

Cheers Crisp Champagne candle!  We celebrate your elegance and fun-loving spirit. 

Sounds like some CCs I know... 

CC Tip:  Voluspa candles are sold at Anthropologie in smaller tins for $16 if you want to test run a candle before committing to a larger size.  An 11 oz. tin has an 80 hour burn time.

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