Celebrity Inspiration: Cameron Diaz II

I was pretending I was Cammie D. again.

I just can't help it.  The girl is so good at mixing basics for a modern yet classic look.  She is practically begging me through the media to CC her.

Picture Perfect / Rex via InStyle

I was elated when I saw this outfit because I already own all the pieces and could easily duplicate this look without spending a dime.  Cammie!  How did you know?

I paired this DVF jacket from last year with a black knit dress from H&M that I bought for $19.95 and literally have worn 1,000 times.  My dress does not have an asymmetrical neckline but we are just "inspired by" here people.

My recommendation is to pick a jacket that is in a lighter fabric (Cameron's is linen) and has a longer length to it.  Also select a belt that stays put to keep your jacket properly cinched.  You will also notice Cameron has her jacket unbuttoned for a figure flattering silhouette and more fitted look.

The belt I originally intended to wear was more of an exact match to Cam's but when I cinched it over the jacket, it just didn't look right so I switched to another piece from last year...a Banana Republic belt similar to this one. I am saving for a BCBG belt so I had to make do with what I had.

This is the one I really wanted but it is not available anymore...

Lastly, it is still cold up where I live so I had to wear tights and pumps to the office.  Not quite as red carpet as Cameron, but it's the office and I had to be appropriate.  I finished my look off with my usual jewelry staples and a gold vintage chain double-wrapped.

See my "inspired by" picks available to buy now and thank goodness for Cameron Diaz, right?

Celebrity Inspiration: Cameron Diaz 2

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