That Bangle Stole My Frosting!

So something happened that I am not exactly proud of.

And let's just say the two parties involved were a cupcake and a bangle.

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While participating in a bake sale, my bangle on my wrist accidentally fell into an innocent cupcake's frosting.  Not once but twice.  On two separate cupcakes.  Why was my bangle being so aggressive?

And of course my bangle had to be a beaded one with little nooks and crannies.  So then out of instinct (forgetting I was in a public place) I began to lick my bangle to remove the frosting.  Not once but twice.

For the record it didn't work. Note to self.

So now I have frosting stuck in my bangle taunting me for being a klutz and constantly reminding me how much I love frosting.

CC Tip:  Don't wear beaded bangles at bake sales unless you can stay in constant control of them.

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kiplinghouseblog.com said...

Oh my GOSH - first time visitor - love the blog.. and this has sincerely TOTALLY happened to me. Only my culprits were the fully bugle-beaded clutch from Club Monaco - and a piece of Wedding cake at a wedding. Licking ensued for sure. hahaha. What else can you do. PS- happened over a year ago, and there are still traces. Doh!