CC Research: Editorial Buzz

This sundress from Old Navy has graced the pages of People Style Watch and Us Weekly this month.

Ruffled Chiffon Sundress
$34.50 at Old Navy To Buy

(Photo Credit: Us Weekly Magazine)

So for $34.50 you can look like a celebrity!  Definitely has potential for spring/summer with cute sandals.  I want to wear it now with black tights and a cropped blazer.  I am feeling Lala's red pumps...perhaps a CC hunt on the horizon for a similar pair?  Such a fun pop of style.  Equally cute with a leather or denim jacket.

I have not seen this dress in-person but with all the positive press this dress has received, I feel like I have to.

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Kristen said...

Hello! I am loving your blog!

Can you let us where the cream/ivory dress is from - that is featured in the picture of the girl in the window? (you are talking about her turquise necklace)