CC Crew Creations: Polished Basics

So today's recap of New Orleans travel fashions brings us to CCE.

CCE is a lady a lot like me.  She loves color, likes funky things but has a classic side as well.  However, where we differ, CCE was a much better packer on our trip to New Orleans.  For example, she never wore a dress with gym shoes.

(not CCE's actual luggage but a representation of the size of what she packed in...amazing!)

Packing is where I think we could all learn a fashion lesson from CCE.  Fill your carry-on with polished basics and a few fun items and you will have an entire trip's worth of outfits that feel fashionable and pulled-together.  The benefit of this packing method is you have versatile pieces that mix and match together giving you more outfit options without taking up a lot of suitcase space.

CCE's fun item, although not this identical top, was a striped neon yellow and white knit top.

Neon Cowl Top
$14.99 at Charlotte Russe To Buy
 (I love this shirt...especially the back!)

So this top is a great start to a polished basic outfit; fun color, stripe detail, interesting cowl neck and extra points for cute cut to the back.  Its outfit possibilities are endless within a trip wardrobe.  Work it back to a pair of skinny jeans and heels for a night out or flip flops during the day for sight-seeing.  And because we were hanging in 100 degree heat, CCE's shorts were the perfect bottom to this top.

BDG 5-Pocket Short
$39 at Urban Outfitters To Buy

The image above does a great job of illustrating how same top, same shorts and different shoes can give the outfit a totally different look.  In fact, pick 1 casual pair of shoes and 1 that can be dressed up, and really 2 pair of shoes is all you need on your trip.

L to R: Neon Stripe Printed Flip Flop
$5.00 at Old Navy To Buy
Tinley Road Sarahh
$29.99 at Piperlime To Buy

What I love about CCE's outfits is that a simple swap of footwear gives you totally different wardrobe options.  Picture this same top with a black cotton skirt.  Flip-flops feel casual.  Heeled sandals feel appropriate for dinner and drinks...or a visit to Harrah's for a quick $20 in video poker.

But the piece that CCE so smartly packed to pull it all together...the famous black blazer.  The perfect piece to pack for not only warmth at night but also to and fro traveling on the plane.  A black cotton blazer makes any outfit look more polished and sharp.  Even on Bourbon Street.  It still works.

5-Button Cotton Jacket
$79.90 at Express To Buy

So as you can see 1 fun top + 2 shoe options + 1 polished blazer + a few basic bottoms = a carry-on of fashion success when traveling.  And we have not even discussed accessories and how they can dress your outfit up or down whether it be a straw fedora or a statement ring.

CC Crew Creations: Polished Basics

Items included in set: Charlotte Russe neon top $15,  5-Button Cotton Jacket at Express $79.90,  Tinley Road Sarahh heeled sandals $30, Old flip-flops $5, Betsey Johnson stud earrings $24, Forever21 daisy ring $4.80, Forever21 straw fedora $11, Old Navy aviator sunglasses, $9.50

So to CCE, I say well done.  You packed the heck out of your carry-on.  Literally she packed in a duffel bag but looked as if she had wardrobe options for days.  To say I was impressed was an understatement.  I may have even said, "CCE, that's all you packed in!"

And when I was packing for my recent road trip, guess who I was inspired by?  CCE!  She helped me avoid the pitfalls of tennies and dresses...because apparently this is not obvious to one Mrs. CC.  Needless to say, my travel wardrobe was much improved thanks to CCE.

CCE Tip:  For jewelry, bring necklaces in the same finish and /or color story so you can mix and match; wear alone or layer.   White and gold make for a versatile option.

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