CC Weekend Shopping

It may only be Saturday morning, but yours truly has already been out and about scooping up some stylish steals this weekend.

Starting with this sweater:

Metallic Cowl-Neck Sweater
$11.93 (in-store) at Old Navy  To Buy

There is nothing really spectacular about this sweater but it suited my mood for something cozy and comfortable.  The cowl neck lies nicely and the vented hem adds a nice touch.  The knit is a combination of charcoal, light grey and metallic gold threads which sounds weird but actually creates a versatile blend that can be dressed up or down.  Most important, it was comfortable and flattering which is all I really need in a sweater.  Oh...and it was $8.  Old Navy has an extra 30% off clearance this weekend in-stores.

Colorful Geo Scarf
$10.80 at Forever21  To Buy

Okay.  This is something I didn't actually buy but have had on my mind since I left Forever21.  They must have just received this scarf because there was a huge stack of them so I decided to show some restraint.  I restrained because I already bought the metallic geo scarf and felt this was very similar.  After giving it more thought, I realized while both geometric, they are not that similar.  I mainly am in love with the color combo: grey, royal blue, orange and hot pink.  It does not translate very well in the image but is appealing in-person. This is yet another versatile scarf to add to my collection in a palette that mixes well with my wardrobe.

Last but not least, The Muppets for OPI collection has hit stores.  People are animals for this collection.  It is selling out like crazy but if you go to Ulta soon, you should still have some selection left in the glitters and reds.  A few weeks ago, I was referred by CCT on the two colors on the top row all the way to the left, Warm and Fozzie and Designer De Better.  I had been anxiously awaiting their arrival in-stores only to discover these 2 more neutral colors are the first to sell out.  I can't even find Warm and Fozzie and I am embarrassed to tell you how many Ultas I have been to...I guess there is always online.

Designer De Better / Warm and Fozzie
$8.00 at Ulta (n/a online)
Warm and Fozzie is more brown and copper than in this image.

My point is this...if you want to purchase anything from this collection, I would hit Ulta this weekend because  the selection is so picked over already.  If you miss the Muppets collection, I just found out Nicki Minaj is doing a collabo with OPI this January so you have something to look forward to!

So if you bought this sweater, the scarf and one bottle of polish...your tab would be less than $30.

This makes my shopping heart warm and fozzie.

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