Comfortable In My Own (Snake) Skin

Snake print is hot in a big way this season.

I have had my eye on different snake print dresses but none caught my eye more than this dress dress from H&M.  Obviously for it's price...$14.95!

Jersey Wraparound Dress in Snakeskin
$14.95 at H&M
(belt not included)

Despite having a fabulous price, this dress is insanely comfortable.  Mainly because it is jersey and has an elasticized waist with flared skirt.  It was sort of like wearing a nightgown but more workplace appropriate. And hopefully stylish.

Side view featuring elastic waistband and flared skirt

A couple words of note...I wore a black turtleneck underneath and this dress definitely needs a belt.  I wore this belt that I bought at Gap last Summer but the "The Most Amazing Belt Ever" would work too.  Last, this dress comes in 6 colors so if snakeskin print is not your thing, you can always go with a solid.

Solid camel dress with cami underneath

I kept the rest of my outfit simple as to maintain the comfort: black leggings, simple jewelry and my new low-heeled slouchy black boots.

Slouchy Buckle Strap Boot
$24.20 at GoJane.com  To Buy

Despite being insanely comfortable in my super affordable dress, I added one of my favorite eye shadows as the cherry on top.

 Bobbi Brown Metallic Eye Shadow in Black Cocoa
$20 at Bobbi Brown  To Buy

This shadow was the perfect compliment to the earthy tones of my ensemble.  I do an all-over neutral wash and use the Black Cocoa as a liner.  It gives me a smokey look without being too over the top for daytime wear.  The dark brown, chocolate-y metallic brings depth and brightness but is still soft...and a little sultry.  Hands down Black Cocoa is one of my favorite Bobbi shades.

These are my favorite types of outfits: simple, stylish and comfortable.

And super affordable.

Comfortable In My (Snake) Skin

Items included in set:  H&M Flared Dress $14.95, Splendid Turtleneck $52, Hue Cotton Leggings $28, Forever21 F2 Wedge $23, Tinley Road Brass Earrings $14, Forever21 Smokey Ring $5.80,  Betsey Johnson Nylon Belt $38, Slouchy Buckle Strap Boots | Go Jane $24.20

CC Tip:  Wear leggings with tall boots instead of tights...that way your tights won't snag and pill where the boot rubs against your legs.

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