Which Blouse Do You Like Better?

I am looking for a graphic top to pair with my recently acquired hot pink pants.

Which do you like better?

Tuxedo Inspired Blouse
$17.80 at Forever21  To Buy


$9.95 at H&M  To Buy

For some strange reason I am digging the Peter Pan collar on the first blouse.  But you have to check out the back on the second.  The satin button detail is the perfect unexpected touch.  Either way both blouses' value far exceeds their $20 price tag.

If these blouses are not your speed, there is always this dress:

Peter Pan Collar Dress
$29.80 at Forever21  To Buy

The knife pleats and lace hem are pretty amazing.  But I am not allowing myself to be distracted from my blouse situation by the beauty of this dress.  I can't wear this dress with hot pink pants!

I think...

The perfect jewels for any of the above?  My art deco dusters, of course!

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crayola actually said...

I got the H&M blouse, but instead of white mine is a light grey colour. I love it :)