CC Crew Endorsement: Jersey Blazer Bliss

You guys are in luck!  You get a break from the usual CC musings today.  Instead you are treated to some wisdom from the CC Community on something every woman needs in her closet...a polished black knit blazer.

This blazer gets not one but two endorsements from members of the CC Crew.  You may remember CCE and CCT from this summer and their New Orleans fashion.  It is today we discuss their mutual love for their Zara Jersey Blazer.

Jersey Blazer
$79 at Zara  To Buy

We know CCE is quite the expert packer so I was surprised to hear she struggled with what to pack for her honeymoon to Germany and Mallorca this summer.  But she was up against some challenges: temperature swings, fashion forward Europeans, suitcase space and all the usual obstacles that go along with building the perfect vacation wardrobe.  

The main thing CCE needed was something to keep her warm but also polished.  She wanted a jacket that was comfortable and versatile for both day and evening-wear.  Using her CC skills, CCE found this jersey blazer from Zara and was able to integrate it into her honeymoon wardrobe as well her at-home wardrobe in the temperature swing capital of the world, Chicago.

How simple yet stylish is this outfit...only thing missing?  This pouch!

Upon returning home, CCE was eager to share with her friends why this blazer is so great.  First, a black blazer goes with everything.  The longer silhouette and single-button closure make for a flattering fit on most body types.  The sleeves can either be left down or rolled-up to reveal a striped cuff for two different looks.  Last, the jersey makes the blazer insanely comfortable and allows it to work with both casual and more dressed-up attire.

After hearing such great things about this jersey blazer, CCT bought one also.

Rear View (See CC Tip below)

I was out to dinner with CCT the other night and she styled her jersey blazer to perfection.; jeans, sparkly tank and heels.  CCT echoed CCE's sentiment and was truly pleased with her purchase.  Besides being super stylish, CCT was comfortable and now had the perfect piece to wear with her evening tops for warmth and coverage.  She also has a blazer that works with her office attire and dresses-up her more casual pieces.

Sequin-Front Cami
$22.94 at Old Navy  To Buy
(FYI...Not CCT's cami)

So there you have it friends!  A black knit blazer is a staple of my wardrobe, albeit mine is super old, so I am happy to share one that you can buy now and comes endorsed by 2 valued members of the CC Crew.  Thank you ladies for your fashionable yet affordable insights!  Much appreciated by all.

Here are some of my favorite pieces that would work well with this jersey blazer:

Zara Jersey Blazer

Items included in set: Zara Jersey Blazer $80,  Old Navy Sequin-Front Cami $23, DV by Dolce Vita Leopard Booties $99, Zara Sequin Wallet $60, Gorjana Star Studs $35, Forever21 Rhinestone Collar $15, Forever21 Diamond Necklace $8.96

CC Tip #1:  This is actually 2 tips for the price of one.  If you want a blazer with a flattering fit, look for one with a seam down the back.  Not only will your blazer lay better but the seam gives you a better range of motion (jumping jacks?) for added comfort.

CC Tip #2:  Always snip the basting stitches that keep the rear flap of your blazer closed.  These are the big white strings that are loosely stitched on top of your garment.  These stitches give the item hanger appeal and make it lay flat.  I use manicure scissors.  It kills me how many people forget to do this.

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