CC Crew Creations: Short and Sassy

So today is the last day of CC Crew Creations in The Big Easy.  Sad face, I know!

The whole reason we headed to New Orleans was to celebrate the final days of singlehood for our girl CCT and as luck would have it, that same weekend was also CCT's birthday.

So what does that mean?  CCT had to pack a wardrobe that was fun, festive and comfortable because we had a lot of celebrating to do!

(Who are those masked ladies?  The CC Crew?  It's not.)

In perhaps the smartest move of the whole weekend, CCT picked 2 basic pieces as the foundation of her weekend wardrobe to keep it simple so she could focus on the fun: shorts!

CCT picked one more casual pair and one dressier pair for evening activities.  Lucky for us devoted CC readers, we can purchase the same shorts CCT made famous on our trip.

4" Twill Shorts in Vintage Pink
$39.50 at Loft To Buy
Clean Front Shorts
$29.99 at Gap To Buy

 I have already shared my love for Loft shorts because I find them to be age-appropriate, and after seeing CCT's clean front black shorts from Gap, I am intrigued.  Full disclosure is that CCT has some long and lean legs and her black shorts hit mid-thigh which was stylish, sexy but classy enough for dinner at a nicer restaurant.  You see?  Both pairs had a 4" inseam which I find to be a universally flattering length for any woman.

Outfit #1 for a walking tour and then evening out on Bourbon Street necessitated something comfy but fun.  CCT picked the perfect top from Loft to coordinate with her pink twill shorts and then dressed it up with some glitzy gold accessories.

Zebra Slub Knit Tank
$29.50 at Loft To Buy
(also available in coral)

Three-Strand Charm Necklace
$34.90 at Express To Buy

Callisto Posts
$48 at Anthropologie To Buy

So how did CCT keep it comf?  Her gold Havaianas kept the sassy shimmer coming but allowed her to walk about town without having to worry about sore feet.  And they look awesome with tan feet.

Havaianas Slim in Light Golden Sand
$24 at Piperlime To Buy 

CCT was the picture of casual, polished perfection.  The cool thing about this ensemble is you can keep the same idea but make it work for a dressier event using darker colors, different footwear and fancier accessories.  CCT started with the clean front black shorts pictured above and then added a fun metallic top which highlighted her sexy shoulders.

Metallic Splatter Pleat Sleeve Top
$17.99 at Gap To Buy

Long Cluster and Pendant Necklace by Aqua
$40 at Bloomingdales To Buy
(this is not CCT's necklace b/c sadly hers is NA which is awful because I am obsessed with it)

So now the piece that made CCT's night-out ensemble dressy, cool and highlighted those stems...her famous Nine West wedges!

Getby Wedges by Nine West
$32 at 6pm.com To Buy
(these are not the identical pair CCT wore but similar and both pairs were from Nine West)

If there was ever a rave review to be had about wedge, it would be these.  I would venture to say these were the fashion highlight of CCT's trip; a competitive race between the wedges and her black shorts.  Her review would be that they were so comfortable and safely moved her throughout 3 different neighborhoods all over NOLA in one night without so much a blister or pain.  Those babies were still on after celebrating the grand finale of the future Mrs. CCT-Dubs.

So glowing wedge review aside, those black shorts were a close runner-up because CCT was able to swap out her metallic top and add a pink tank for a more calm Sunday night seafood dinner al fresco.  The shorts can be dressed up or down with a simple switch of top.  Super versatile and super stylish.

Handkerchief Hem Top
$14.99 at Gap To Buy
This is why I personally love CCT's outfits; they represent her personality.  CCT is sweet, sassy, practical and fun.  She nailed the smart and practical part by picking shorts as the foundation to her trip wardrobe because they are comfortable, look great on her and are versatile.  Her choice in tops were flattering with a little sexiness that is mandatory for any bachelorette.  And then in discussing accessories and footwear: practical, fun and can be mixed and matched.  All of CCT's choices were smart and will easily work into her closet when she gets home.

CC Crew Creations: Short and Sassy

Items included in set: GAP metallic top $18, LOFT scoop neck tank, $30, Gap shorts $30, Havaianas flat shoes, $24, Forever21 chain necklace $5.80, Nine West Getby Black Leather Wedges $32, LOFT 4" Twill Shorts $39

So to CCT, myself and the other devoted readers of Couture Cheapskate, thank you for being the reason this New Orleans fashion recap came to fruition.  We wish such a stylish lady as yourself a lifetime of happiness and fabulous fashion.  Thank you for not only being a fashion inspiration but a great friend.

We lurve you!

CC Tip:  Wedges are the perfect footwear for cobblestone streets...no heels getting stuck in the cracks.  Also excellent for working the karaoke stage.  Black shorts and white feather boa...do not mix.

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