Let's Get Ready To Rumble!!!

Big match-up this weekend that polarizes the CC community.

What team are you on?

University of Illinois Crewneck Tee
$29.50 at Victoria's Secret  To Buy

University of Wisconsin Scoopneck Tee
$26.50 at Victoria's Secret  To Buy

I don't predict much rumbling because one team is significantly better than the other...I will let you decide which team.  But if you can't talk smack via Victoria's Secret tees, then what can you do?  It's all in good fun!

P.S.  Apparently someone at Victoria's Secret went to the University of Wisconsin because they have more gear options than most the other schools.

1 comment:

Gayle said...

That's the Badgers - bringing sexy back. Hopefully it is a good game this weekend. On Wisconsin!