Pitbull...Yet Again We Thank You

While I was busy at my Thanksgiving dinner bullying people into watching and/or caring about a football game that did not involve our hometown team, this magical blessing arrived circa halftime.

You're welcome family and friends.

Pitbull in an all-black everything that not only included a gorgeous leather jacket but also a matching set of gloves.  Because you know it is very chilly in a dome with a retractable roof this time of year in Texas.

I cannot locate who designed this jacket but I will tell you one thing...I love anything leather combined with knit.  Gucci has the 'lola' boot which began my love affair and this jacket reiterates why this combo is so amazing.  I mean...if it weren't amazing, would Pitbull really be wearing it?

The Gucci 'lola'

So while the 'lola' is a beautiful equestrian piece of business, it is not very CC.  So here is another pair of boots in black leather and knit that has been on my radar.

Double Buckle Sweater Top Boot
$30 at GoJane.com  To Buy

Now back to Pitbull.  I bet some of you are asking why is Pitbull such a gentleman?  Who wears black pants to a football game?  Does the man own jeans?  Are black loafers acceptable football footwear?  Is that amount of chest hair appropriate on a national holiday?

The answer is I don't know.

I do know one thing though...I am thankful, yet again, for Pitbull's fabulous fashion.  


Gayle said...

Pitbull's halftime show ROCKED! As did a far more casual Mr. Iglesias. One of the best ever. In fact, Uncle Ken was thoroughly enjoying himself, and may have danced a little, during the halftime show.

Mel Bath said...

OMG, didn't he look hot?!?! I've never wanted a dog, but I would totally consider this Pitbull! Wink, wink!

Anonymous said...

Any suggestions on a designer that has made that leather jacket? That jacket is sick!!!!!