CC Crew Creations: Line Dance Skirt

If you recall Memorial Day Weekend I went to NOLA for a Bachelorette Bash.

Essie Bachelorette Bash
(the official nail polish of our trip!  2 gals showed up wearing unplanned! So festive.)

Although a total blast, parts of it were not so pretty as you can imagine...namely your one and only CC wearing a going-out dress from Express with gym shoes circa Working Girl 1988 for a night out on the town.*

(none of these women are me but just an example of how this look rarely goes well)

That being said, the rest of my trip wardrobe did not really come together either with an exception of this dress which continues to be amazing.

Allen B. Dot Ruffle Shoulder Dress
$34.99 at JCPenney To Buy
(and now available online!!!)

That is where the CC Crew stepped up to the plate.  They brought the ferosh fashions y'all.  So instead of writing about what I wore, I am going to show you what this lucky CC's friends wore to maintain the sterling CC reputation in The Big Easy.

First up, CCJ took one of my favorite tricks and ran with it; start with one homerun piece, keep the rest simple, pop in a few fun accessories and you are instantly chic.

CCJ started with this skirt from Francesca's Collections, our weekend shopping hot spot.

Line Dance Skirt
$38 at Francesca's Collections To Buy

The Line Dance Skirt is the perfect warm weather skirt; a little shorter than the usual, fun bright accent color and can be dressed up or down depending on top and footwear.  And there are pockets!  Perfect for storage!

My girl CCJ worked in some fancy flats for comfort's sake and a fun bracelet that may or may not have not survived the trip to no fault of our own.  She kept her top simple with a basic black tank so her skirt could be the star.  And she definitely had a purse that could carry all the info it takes to keep a party of 12 organized.  We loved her for it big time.

Comfortable and cute...the 2 most necessary components of CC dressing.

CC Fashionable Friend: Jewel

Items included in set: Sheer tank$48, Line Dance Skirt $38, Tinley Road sandals $40, Kensie girl shoes $30, Hive Honey gold jewelry $24 

*(It was a walking tour followed by an evening out and I was comfy...no one in NOLA was aware of my CC reputation so I made a bad choice...feel free to disregard further fashion advice.)

CCJ Tip:  I had a takeaway tip from CCJ.  Start a file folder for all major events to bring with you to keep all your important information in one location for quick reference.  Totally busting this out for my upcoming road trip.   Thank you CCJ for not only saving the CC reputation but being a mentor.

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