I Saw Them First!

One of the challenges I face is I don't like to write about something if I have not seen it in-person.  It is important to me to recommend or suggest something based on my first-hand experience.  Therefore, I feel like I may be a little behind in calling out those great affordable pieces that resemble more expensive options.

Such is the case with these hot pink cropped pants from Old Navy that I ordered online 2 weeks ago.

Cuffed Dress Capris
$36.94 at Old Navy  To Buy

Here is why everyone (including myself) is hot to trot for these Old Navy hot pink capris...they strongly resemble a similar pair from J.Crew:

Cafe Capri in Wool
$118 at J.Crew  To Buy

I have no review on either pant yet but I can tell you one thing for certain...I like a $37 price tag much better than a $118 one.  Especially when you are buying a pair of hot pink capris to wear in cold weather.

So more to come on these hot pink numbers.  I am excited because the cropped trouser is a Fall must-have and the hot pink is a versatile color for a bottom.  The wardrobe options are dancing in my head!

I may not be the only gal in town recognizing the similarity between these two pants but you can rest assured I actually own these pants and will be the first to tell you if I wear them and how I wear them.

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