The Perfect Hot! Pink Shoe

I have been on the search for hot pink shoes since I saw Emma Stone wearing them on the Regis & Kelly show this summer.

Well her shoes are Brian Atwood, $770 and a minimum 5" heel.  Not realistic for my budget or the long-term well-being of my feet...no matter how beautiful.

So my alternative is this pair from Nine West:

Nine West Andriana
$79 at Nine West  To Buy

I know people like Rachel Zoe don't believe in kitten heels but for those of us who are tall or on our feet most the day, kitten heels are our savior.  So I hate to go against RZ but CC approves kitten heels.  This pair is perfect with a 2 and 3/4" heel.  Just enough lift but still comfortable.

Hot pink is a more fashionable but equally versatile alternative to a plain black heel.  Think of how great these would be with denim, black pants and all your pencil skirts.  I am thinking even better with patterned tights.  I have a grey dress in my closet that these would go perfectly with similar to our girl Emma above.

In summary, these are the perfect hot! pink shoe.

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