CC Research: Editorial Buzz

It has been awhile since I updated you on the items people are buzzing about...so let's get caught up!

Sequined Wallet
$59 at Zara  To Buy

People are buzzing about this wallet because it resembles the Celine pouch but is only $59.  I must admit, I too am feeling affection for this wallet.  My only concern with a "pouch" is that it seems so easy to leave behind.  Maybe the chunky gold sequins will keep that from happening?  This pouch would add instant modernity and style to any outfit...even your daytime ones.

Holiday Sparkle Sweater
$59.50 at American Eagle  To Buy

People looove this sweater.  I have to agree that nothing beats a holiday sweater with a little sparkle.  It is a piece that will get a lot of use during the season but is not so festive that you wouldn't be able to wear later in the winter.  Two years ago I bought a navy sweater with embellished detail and to this day it's still one of favorite (and most worn) sweaters.  My only concern is AE is a junior fit so this sweater may be too short through the torso.  A perfect gift option for the petite ladies on your list too.

Wool-Blend Car Coat
$79 at Old Navy  To Buy

What could be better than an animal print overcoat?  A coat is the easiest way to make any outfit look stylish.  It hides everything underneath!  Even if you try  just a little, by adding this coat, you instantly  look like a chic fashionista.  Think about it with black leggings, boots and sweater?  Perfection.  Over your sequined cocktail dress?  Wonderful.  For only $79 too.  I am thinking this coat would give me the style I crave while bounding throw the snow and slush.

Here are the top 3 things people are buzzing about.

Anything else out there I need to know about?

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