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Now is the time pick-up one or two festive items for yourself before you are in full-blown gift-giving mode.

For me, this always involves footwear and jewelry.

Since I have already told you a bit about my jewels, I will focus on footwear.

P-Heidie by Steve Madden
$50.99 at 6pm.com  To Buy

Nothing beats an embellished flat during the holiday season.  They are festive, functional and easy.  Just throw them on with whatever you are wearing, no matter how casual, and you have instant polish.  I love this rose gold pair because they are unique and sparkly.

Jammup by Nine West
$72.99 at 6pm.com  To Buy

Okay, so leopard print may not be the most festive of all the holiday prints.  But if you can't wear leopard during the holidays, when can you?  Duh.  All the time.  I also like these shoes because they are closed-toed heels and totally on trend.  Perfect when you need to go out right after work or with your black dresses.  And you know I can never resist pony hair.

Escher by Nine West
$24.00 at 6pm.com  

I have had my eyes on these shoes for some time now.  Mainly because I love the navy glitter.  It is subtle and an unusual choice.  I also find it kind of sexy.  I don't love the heel but am willing to get over it for $24.  These heels with black leggings and either a black tunic or long sweater would be subtle sophistication at its finest.  
Holiday Stress

I say buy now so you don't have to worry about what to wear later when the holiday season is in full swing.  If you get a great pair of shoes, you can easily update the items already in your wardrobe.  No thinking of a new outfit.  Doesn't everyone want to avoid that stress?

For $75 or less, you will not dip too far into your gift budget and have a festive pair of shoes that take you well beyond the season.

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