Peacoat of Secrecy

I felt like I kept a secret from all of you in regards to our peacoat full of sunshine.

I actually bought this peacoat last year in a red plaid similar to the top left coat.

Peacoat Secrets

I know from experience this cropped wool peacoat brings both value and style.

My one word of caution?  This peacoat is not cut-out for harsh Midwest winters.  It is more fashion than function when the temperature hits freezing.  Totally suitable for Fall though.

I didn't, however, want to keep another secret and not let you know that this same coat is available in 6 other colors.  I love the green and black plaid.  Any of these options would add perfect polish to your wardrobe.

I can say this with certainty as a plaid peacoat owner!

CC Tip:  Old Navy outerwear appears to be on sale.

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