Bird Watching Beauty

Unfortunately I feel like I jumped on this ship right as it sailed.  You see these products are hard to find but I feel like worth the hunt (and mentioning).

L'Oreal has released a limited edition beauty collection inspired by Project Runway.

I never really studied the displays until I noticed the eyeshadow quad in "The Watchful Owl's Gaze" reminded me of my Bobbi Brown Tortoise Shell Palette.  For some reason, the online images for the eyeshadow all picture more pink than they are in-person.

The Watchful Owl Collection
$4.99 - $8.99 at Ulta  To Buy

I have ordered the eyeshadow and blush from "The Charming Cockatoo's Gaze" but I also love the lipstick and dark nail polish from the "Owl" pictured above.

The Charming Cockatoo Collection

I am so-so on the "Audacious Amazon's Gaze" and "Sultry Raven's Gaze" collections because I have a lot similar to both of those already.  However, the Audacious Amazon nail polish looks pretty amazing.

L'Oreal Nail Polish in Amazon's Flare
$4.99 at Ulta  To Buy

I am drawn to these colors because they are interesting and like nothing I own or have seen before.  Quite cutting edge.  Plus Heidi Klum is one of my fashion idols so somehow this connection makes them a must-have for someone as easily influenced as me.

CC Tip:  Because they are so fashionable, these limited edition products are hard to find.  If you feel like you might be interested, my advice would be to start at Walgreens.com and place an online order.  It is worth the price of shipping to not have to hunt.

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Anonymous said...

I love this makeup! I use the Watchful Owl Collection. The colors together look amazing, but I also like to use the gold separate.