Peacoat Full of Sunshine: Look #3

I am sure you have been waiting on pins and needles to see the dramatic finale of our chirpy yet functional yellow peacoat.  Look #3 if you will.

Well the wait is over!

Look #3 = All the way to the right (rocket science)

I have to say of all the looks, Look #3 best embodies my Couture Cheapskate fashion equation:

Although Looks #1 and #2 are completely realistic for CC wear, Look #3 feels most true to something I wear everyday.  The main call-out being you are more likely to find me in flats than 4" platform heels.

But I will tell you, a staple of my everyday wardrobe is a basic knit. One of my favorites is from Old Navy. I love their long-sleeve waffle knit tees.  Literally I wear them non-stop.  Of course you can never have too many black tees in a CC wardrobe!

Here is Old Navy's most recent version:

Waffle-Knit Tee in Black Jack
$14.50 at Old Navy  To Buy

The second thing I love about this outfit is the shoes.  I stayed true to the InStyle look by choosing the Fall version of the sandal/clog hybrid in black.  Truth be told, this shoe is so much more stunning in the other colors and combos than the black suede pictured.

Nine West Aroundtown
$99 at Endless.com and Nine West
Also available in a beautiful teal suede and teal/grey snake combo

The rest of the outfit is quite simple.  Pull together your best accessories to bring interest to an otherwise basic outfit.  This look combines two necklaces: a chunky gold chain and larger pendant.  A modern handbag with a neutral Missoni-esque pattern adds a polished final touch.

 3337 by Street Level
$68 at Piperlime  To Buy

We all know an outfit is not complete without a pair of sunglasses.  This pair from Marc by Marc Jacobs has been on my wish list for a while because I love the modern oversized cateyes and subtle striped detail.

Marc by Marc Jacobs Striped Oversized Cateye 
$98 at Piperlime  To Buy

One of the things that I find interesting about fashion is how quickly the styles change.  For example, just this Spring it was all about the boyfriend jean.  Now while trying to recreate the look, I could not find any suitable options and had to substitute a pair to coordinate with the shoes.

Look #3 is an example of why a $60 peacoat is a worthwhile investment for your wardrobe.  Its structure adds polish and the fun color adds interest to the basics already in your wardrobe.  A smart purchase because it is not only functional but a pop piece that pulls your ensemble together.

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