Mini / Major Candle

I have a new favorite thing from Bath and Body Works for two reasons: it's mini and it's an excellent value.

The 1.6oz mini Slatkin & Co. candle.

Slatkin & Co. 1.6oz Filled Candle
$3 each or 3 for $5 To Buy
in Lavender Macaroon and Spiced Madeline

Similar to an ordinary votive except these candles come in a self-contained package that does not necessitate a separate candle holder which inevitably ends in scraping wax out of something.  The burn time is 15 to 20 hours and the scents are fabulous. 

Some of my favorites scents:  Salty Caramel, Caramel Apple, S'mores and Cinnamon Sugared Donut.

My Mom was burning Apple Crumble this weekend and it is everything you would want in a Fall candle: fruity, sweet and a little spicy.

Slatkin & Co. 1.6oz in Apple Crumble
$3.50 or 3 for $5 To Buy

These candles are perfect for people like me who prefer not to commit to one larger candle.  You get a lot of variety for a reasonable price.  $5 for 3 of these candles will seem like such a steal when you start using them.

So although these candles are mini, they are pretty major.

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