Traveling Neon Stripes

Basically for about a year, I had been obsessed with this carry-on bag.

Gucci bag

You may recognize those interlocking G's as Gucci, which unlike JLO's love, does cost a thing.

If my memory serves me correctly, this carry-on cost a mere $1695.

I think it goes without saying, yours truly had to admire from a'far until one day this bag sold out.

I have been on the hunt for a new carry-on or overnight bag for awhile now.  My old stand-by Vera Bradley is pushing 15 years and is not conducive for the airplane.

Today I found this:

LeSportsac Large Weekender Bag
$108 at Macy's  To Buy

I will admit these bags are not exactly identical.  They are not even replicas.  But I am digging the bright stripes against a neutral fabric.

I appreciate two things about this bag.  First, the black fabric will hide the wear and tear that accompanies travel.  Second, it's $108!  

I love the concept of neon stripes on a weekend travel bag.  They perfectly represent a fun, quick weekend away or overnight trip.  I loved them at $1695 but can actually afford to go away at $108.

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