Spiked Splurge

I think I'm on an "S" kick lately between today's "Spiked Splurge" and yesterday's "Stunning Stacks."

Doesn't "Spiked Splurge" sound like a cocktail?  Maybe we should create one?

Anywho, hate to burst any bubbles but, alas, it isn't.

The spiked splurge in question is actually the "Beatrix" flat by Sam Edelman.

Sam Edelman "Beatrix" Flat
$129.95 at Nordstrom  To Buy

I love these flats because they remind me of the iconic Chanel flat with a rock 'n' roll edge.  The bows say "I'm sweet" while the spikes say "Don't mess with me."  I like that combo.  Sort of like Heidi Klum as a Project Runway judge.  Or Tyra standing before the two at-risk contestants at the end of ANTM.

Sam Edelman "Beatrix" Flat
$129.95 at Nordstrom  To Buy

Of all the colors available, the rose is my favorite.  The color is unique and unlike anything else in my closet.  I actually think I would wear these quite a bit, with what else?  My black skinny pants.  Also, leggings and a big, cozy sweater.

Of course, I know leopard print is favorite for most of you.

Sam Edelman "Beatrix" Flat
$129.95 at Nordstrom  To Buy

So here is the thing.  $129.95 is not exactly cheap but it is affordable if you want to make more of a footwear investment.  If you are someone who might only buy 1 or 2 pairs of shoes a season and you want to get your money's worth, I think these are worth a look.

They are fashionable, interesting and best of all, versatile.  Again, a "Compliment Catcher."

I have now moved onto the letter C.

CC Tip:  Don't let flats fool you.  They need to be broken in as well.  Sometimes you have to work through the pain (back of heel) to end up with a comfy pair.  No one said fashion doesn't hurt.

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