Food Fit For A Monster

I am such a sucker for any of those cookbooks at the grocery store check-out lane.

I think I have about 12.

The newest addition to my collection, however, came from the Barnes and Noble magazine section.

Another awesome cell phone shot.
$10.99 at Barnes & Noble

I love these recipes because they usually involve just a few ingredients, are simple and come out every time.  I can't say I have made any yet but have plans to over the next few weeks.

Halloween Cookie Pizza...Recipe here.

The obvious question is whether or not I am hosting a Halloween party and the answer is no.  But if you are, this magazine is a great choice with festive drinks, apps, sides and desserts.  There is a "Half-Moon Empanadas" recipe that looks pretty gourmet yet easy to execute.  I also have my eye on the "Trick or Treat Tarts."

So if I can't express my festive spirit through decor, why not through food?

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