Couture vs. Cheapskate: Cowboy Booties

Can you tell which cowboy booties cost $615 vs. $25?

Pair A


Pair B

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I think there are three details that indicate which bootie is the couture version.  First, the cuts on the leather of Pair B are more detailed and exquisite.  Second, when comparing the heels of the two booties, Pair B's appears to be real wood with authentic coloring.  Last, Pair B's material appears to have a more natural texture and be real suede.

Therefore Pair B is the $615 bootie from Isabel Marant.

Recently these booties by Isabel Marant have been the hottest boots on the scene:

So naturally when you are the leader of the pack, you inspire many copycat versions across a variety of price points including Pair A from Old Navy.

Women's Faux-Leather Ankle Boot
$25 at Old Navy To Buy

I have seen these boots in-person and they are actually very nice looking.  I feel more compelled to buy these at a reasonable price than other imitations that cost over $100 such as these from Steven by Steve Madden and these by DV by Dolce Vita.

My hesitation is that I am not sure how to wear them.  It is as if the fashion editors heard my prayers.  Us Weekly dedicated 2 full pages to the cowboy bootie trend in their October 10th issue inspiring me to do further research on celebrity looks.

Katie loves her Isabel Marant booties...she has been spotted wearing them multiple times.

Kate Bosworth wearing casually

Kate Bosworth wearing dressy

Rosie Huntington Whiteley dressed all in black and with Jason Statham.

My research led me to the following conclusion: it seems every trendsetter has these Isabel Marant booties...especially those whose style is more boho.

Since I am in the market for a new pair of low-heel booties, could this $25 pair from Old Navy be in my fashion future?

Also available in grey

Only time will tell if these Isabel Marant inspired booties end up in my closet.  But if you are digging the Isabel Marant cowboy bootie look and are on a budget, I recommend the cheapskate pair from Old Navy.

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