Gimme S'More

I bet you are thinking "When will this mini candle madness stop?"

Well, the answer is definitely not anytime soon.

The S'Mores scent is delicious and now on sale for $1.75.

Slatkin & Co. 4 oz. Filled Candle in S'Mores
Available in 3 sizes for $1.75, $4.75 and $9.75  
at Bath and Body Works  To Buy

One would think this candle would be overly sweet with layers of marshmallow, dark chocolate and graham cracker as the notes.  It isn't.  Yes, this candle is sweet but in a good way.  You can really smell the chocolate and I love that...like I have a chocolate cake baking in my oven!  I like it so much I am considering picking-up a bigger size now that this scent is on sale.

One other scent I love is Leaves.

Slatkin & Co. 1.6oz Filled Candle in Leaves
$1.75 at Bath and Body Works  To Buy

If you are someone who prefers a more earthy scent or fruity scent than sweet, you will like this candle.  In fact, I think everyone will like this candle because of its note variety: golden nectar, juicy mandarin, red delicious apple, cinnamon, cider spices and red berries.  Perfect for Fall.  I keep this in my entryway and even when it is not burning, it smells great.

I wish I could tell you this would be the last of my raving over these candles, but it will not be...the Holiday collection looks equally awesome!

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