Happy October! Enjoy These Spooky Treats!

With the arrival of October, all things spooky become officially in style.  Here are a few of my favorite spooky treats that you can enjoy throughout October that are festive without being a costume.

Betsey Johnson Slant Tweezers in Skulls (left)
$25 at Sephora
Although plucking is never fun, if you put skulls on your Betsey Johnson designed Tweezermans, you will at least be momentarily distracted by their cuteness and rock 'n roll style to endure the pain.  When it comes to tweezers, there is no comparison to Tweezerman as it has won the Allure "Best of Beauty" award about 1 million times.  Not to mention they last forever.  To Buy

I love candy corn shampoo, shower gel & bubble bath
$16 at Sephora and Philosophy.com
I wish candy corn was available all year because I love it!  So why not smell like it too?  The good news is you get 16 ounces so one bottle will last most the month.  If you don't make it through the whole bottle by November, the scent is not too candy corn-y you will not feel out of season if you continue to use it.  FYI...this thing sells out so people love it besides me.  To Buy

Black Charcoal Metallic Eye Shadow (center)
$20 at Bobbi Brown
This is from the new Bobbi Brown Black Velvet Collection that is gorgeous in person.  The colors look very rich but when applied are much more subtle and perfect for daytime and evening wear.  Black Charcoal is a color I think a really hip witch would wear.  She would rock a perfectly smudged smokey eye.  If my imaginary witch is as stylish as I think she is, she will not pass up the Black Chocolate lip gloss because it is beautiful.  To Buy

Pirate Knitters Women's Long Sleeve T
$28 at cafepress.com
For those of you are not part of the knitting community, then you might not realize the crossbones in the picture are knitting needles.  How clever, right?  The original person spotted wearing this shirt?  Lorelai Gilmore (R.I.P. Gilmore Girls).  The perfect spooky tee for those who want to be festive, crafty and not buy a costume.  Plus what a hit you will be in your knitting group and Gilmore Girls Fan Club.  To Buy

Have a great month and thanks for reading!

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