Sequin Cardigan For Every Age

This weekend the Couture Cheapskate Crew (me, my Mom and one of my besties) hit the mall to do a little research.  Naturally as all shopping trips with the CC Crew go, we found ourselves digging through the packed racks of Forever21.  I don't think any of us expected to find a sequin cardigan that Mom, Daughter and Bestie would all leave the store having purchased.

Sequin Draped Cardigan
$19.80 at Forever21

Black cardigans and sequins are just about my two favorite things and if I can get both on one article of clothing...it is almost too much excitement for one gal to handle.  What I actually like most about this cardigan is the subtlety of the sequins.  The open-front drape and the black sequin on black fabric creates a subtle shimmer effect instead of being a spectacle of bling bling. 

The lightweight knit and longer length make it perfect with a pair of leggings (Daughter and Bestie) and a pair of jeans (Mom).  Unfortunately, it is too cold now for our leather shorts....just kidding. 

All you need with this cardigan is a basic black or white underpinning and 1 piece of statement jewelry.  I am envisioning cute black flats (Mom and Bestie) or black and pewter platforms (Daughter) for footwear.

One cardigan.  Two different age groups.  Three happy shoppers!

CC Tip:  This holiday season is going to be all about the sequin jacket so with this cardigan you get the look and have a versatile piece that can go casual to dressy year round.

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Erin said...

CC- I see that many of your wardrobe suggestions include leggings, which I love. But I always worry about my butt showing. Where should the top hit your lower half? Love to know your expert opinion.
P.S. LOVE the blog ;)