Hola! Me llamo es Couture Cheapskate!

Originally I thought I would not have internet access in Mexico, but phew, I do and can therefore keep everyone posted on Couture Cheapskate's fashion adventures in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

I was worried about not knowing enough Spanish to get by and have found myself in a couple situations where not sharing the same language has created a mini-barrier.  But rest assured, not enough of a barrier for the international female faux pas.  Circa 10 minutes after check-in, the female concierge asked me if I was pregnant in perfect ingles.

I am not. 

I will say I was wearing an outfit that invites the question: leggings and oversized top. My husband and I agreed maybe she was just showing precaution before suggesting rough, adventurous physical activities i.e. ATV tours and zip lining.

She was polite enough to then say "I'm sorry."  I would love to tell you this has not happened to me before, but it has.  This adventure has reminded me it always impolite in any language to ask such a question no matter what someone is wearing.  Dios mio.

CC Tip:  Leggings and oversize loose tops can be a fashion trap.  Although super comfortable, not flattering and potentially can be perceived as maternity clothes.  Yikes.

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Tara said...

Oh Girl! I've been there too! I get seats on the "L" frequently because people think I'm pregnant. It kind of makes me sad, but on the flip side, at least I know there are nice people out there who give up their seats for pregos.