Day #2 and #3 of Couture Cheapskate Abroad

I would like to tell you all has been smooth sailing from here in Mexico, but that would be false. 

So far we have had:
  • a dead wave runner a half a mile offshore in the Sea of Cortez
  • what we think to be a baby shark swimming in our swim area
  • me being stung by a "yellow fish" on my foot
  • a kayak malfunction which resulted in a beach full of mocking applause when we righted ourselves
And worst of all...having a model show up to the pool wearing the miniature version of the same neon yellow bikini I was wearing.

In general, I try not to be too over the top with my swimsuit choices, but I figured why not be a little more fiesta than usual in a different country where no one knows me.   As much as it was margarita salt in the wounds that the odds she and I would be at the same pool in Mexico, on the same day in similar versions of the same neon yellow bikini, I had to hand it to the model's Couture Cheapskate ways. 

You see, she and I both know Victoria's Secret is the best place to get fun and affordable swimwear off-season.  And while she looked like she stepped out of the pages of the catalog and me not so much, we both have what I perceive to be great taste!  Although mine being much more modest.

Thank goodness there were two pools where we could each be Queen of The Neon Yellow Bikini and avoid any awkard fashion run-ins / potential side-by-side comparisons.

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