Couture vs. Cheapskate: Pyramid Stud Bracelet

Can you tell which bracelet costs $68 versus $9? 

Bracelet A

Bracelet B

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If you ask me, the answer is fairly obvious...Bracelet A is the $68 pyramid stud arm candy. 

Although $68 may not seem too over the top for the price of a bracelet (in my opinion it is for fashion jewelry), my point is by opting for the less expensive version, you have just freed up $60 to put towards a cute top to go with your tough girl chic bracelet.

Yumi Kim Traci Top
$69.99 at boutiquetoyou.com

Or buy three of the cheap bracelet and stack them together for a statement piece.

CC Tip:  When buying jewelry with embedded stones, before you leave the store, give it a thorough inspection to make sure all stones are in place.  Save your receipt in case any stones fall out after only a few wears.

Large Pave Stretch Bracelet $68 at Ann Taylor

Pyramid Hinge Bracelet $8.80 at forever21.com

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