Cobalt Blue Pumps: Bold & Basic

Last year I fell in love with a pair of shoes my brother and sister-in-law gave me for Christmas.  They were a stunning cobalt blue suede pump.  I was shocked how much I wore them and how they went with everything in my closet. Cobalt blue is the perfect pop of color to any otherwise neutral outfit.  So get your blacks, greys and navies ready for a bright burst of blue coming their way!

Not the pair I have but very similar and equally versatile
Pompadour Pump by Charles David
$124.95 at endless.com

I guess I am not the only person who discovered last year just how complementary a pair of cobalt blue shoes can be to a woman's wardrobe because now they are popping up everywhere!  So lucky for us CCs, we can find a cobalt blue shoe at every price and every heel height to add into our shoe repertoire.


L to R:  "Celebrity" Flat by Mojo Moxy To Buy   
"Lorita" Flat by Nine West To Buy
$59.95 and $68.95 both at endless.com

Although neither flat is just a basic, my opinion is anytime you do a flat it should be a little fun.  And since ruffles and feathers are two hot trends, why not incorporate them onto your footwear?  Not only will the cobalt blue color jazz up your black skinny pants, the extra detail will make your outfit that much more stylish.  Cool color + interesting detail + stylish comfort = total CC dressing.

Kitten Heels

L to R: Closed Toe Velvet Heel at gojane.com To Buy
"Tamana" Pump by Jessica Simpson at endless.com To Buy
$18.00 and $69.00

A kitten heel could be my favorite heel height.  You get the lift of a high heel combined with the comfort of an almost flat.  You look polished and feminine without sacrificing a lot of comfort.  This style and heel height will work well into your professional wardrobe as sky high heels may be too much in some work environments.  But don't leave them home on a Friday night either! Kitten heels can be equally chic for an evening out.

High Heels

L to R: "Serena" Pump by ZiGiny To Buy 
"Odette" Platform by Calvin Klein To Buy
$79.95 and $128.95 at endless.com

I will be the first to tell you there are more exciting cobalt blue high heels out there but I wanted to show two options that are realistically wearable and versatile.  I like the Calvin Klein platform pair because the platform adds height and but does not sacrifice comfort because it lessens the heel shaft.  These are the shoes to break out when you need not only a pop of color but an eye-catching outfit.  I like these two pairs because they bring the show stop but are still classy.  To see more funky or daring options, see the CC Tip below.

I had to add these Shooties because I love them and think they are an option if you are looking to really diversify your shoe collection and want to do something different.

  "Dole" Pump by Plenty by Tracy Reese
$99.00 at endless.com To Buy

Any of these shoes shown above should work back to the black pants (full and skinny legs), jeans and leggings in your wardrobe.  My favorite option is a flat or high heel back to a medium wash boyfriend jean.  I would steer clear of two things with cobalt blue shoes: dark denim and tights.  Not enough and too much color contrast.

I would say investing in a cobalt blue shoe is the same as investing in any other basic shoe color, except that it is more fun and more eye-catching.

CC Tip:  Endless.com is a user friendly website if you are looking for a specific style, brand or color shoe.  You can search by all of the above and keep narrowing your options until you have your perfect shoe selected from thousands of options across multiple price ranges.  Plus they usually offer free overnight shipping and returns as well great sales

Hint:  Some of the shoes shown above are actually 30% off the full-price! 

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