Couture Cheapskate Inspires Supermodel!

If you have faithfully been following your Couture Cheapskate, you may recall my fascination over one well-dressed woman I observed in my CC On The Street --Navy and White Stripes entry this September.  Well, I don't mean to brag but clearly I am the go-to fashion resource for supermodels because check out what Clauia Schiffer was spotted wearing on the streets of Paris.  InStyle Look of the Day: Claudia Schiffer

What I like most about the nautical sweater, jeggings and tall brown boots look is how by switching your accessories you can go from street casual to Parisian chic. 

To switch-up your look...

Swap out your checked scarf for this necklace:
Hive and Honey Antique Flower Necklace
$38 at piperlime.com
To Buy

This style necklace is perfect for CC dressing.  It can dress up your casuals as evident in our supermodel's look while obviously working back to your dressier pieces.  A statement necklace takes your basic black dress, white blouse and plain tee to a more interesting level so it is worth the investment.  If you are going to spend more than usual on a necklace, I suggest a statement necklace in mixed metals to maximize your wear opportunities.

Now add a chic quilted handbag and you are straight off the Paris runway!

Asos Quilted Lock Across Body Bag
$26.96 at asos.com
To Buy

Although the Chanel version of this bag is the original and basically a dream come true...not to mention a good handbag is the one thing I can always justify splurging on...the price tag of the Chanel bag is probably more than most women spend on their entire Fall wardrobe.  If not more.  So if you can make the investment, I am beyond jealous.  For us CCs out there that want the quilted across body handbag look but also want to eat and have more than one new thing for Fall, try this bag instead.

CC Tip:  Make sure you have the US version of Asos when shopping online.

I am also loving the simplicity of one Lauren "LC" Conrad's.  An easy outfit to duplicate on your own.

Start with my favorite High-Waist Mini Bandage Skirt and add a brown silk blouse:

Both items from Express.  Skirt To Buy and Blouse To Buy at express.com.

Add the necklace and purse from above and you have another simple and chic outfit for an evening out.

CC Bonus:  Wear your new Military Silk Blouse from your LC outfit, add your Jeggings from your Navy and White Stripe outfit and you get a third polished look.  Pair with a flat for a more casual and comfortable look or add a black heel for a more dressed-up option.

Modern, polished classics are great for a mix and match wardrobe when you are trying to stretch a buck.  All of these pieces work together and maximize your money because of their wearability. 

Do not be surprised if people mistake you for Claudia or LC in your simple and chic looks.

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