Spooky Sunday Treat For A Good Cause!

Sometimes it is hard to find time to do all the charitable things we would like, but by purchasing one of these spooky shoes, you are highlighting a fashion trend that never goes out of style...helping others.

For those of you who have not seen the TOMS shoes commercials, TOMS was founded by a contestant on the TV show The Amazing Race.  When Blake Mycoskie traveled through Argentina on the show, he was moved by the local children who had no shoes.  To help these children, he developed TOMS, a company that for every pair of shoes sold, the company would then donate a pair of TOMS to a child in need.

 Beaumont Skull Velvet Slip-on

For those of you who find velvet and skulls a little much for your feet, there are other skull options that although still spooky are a little more friendly ghost than scary goblin.

Both shoes $95 at Cusp.com

These shoes may not be the most fashion forward item in your closet, but guarantee every time you put them on you will feel good knowing some child across the globe has a pair of shoes because of you.  So why not add a little festivity to your footwear that not only makes you feel good but gives back as well?  It certainly is a better alternative than spending a pretty penny on a cheap and tacky costume that you will never wear again. 

Better yet, make them part of your costume and say you are dressed as a contestant on The Amazing Race. 

To read more about TOMS and their movement, click here.

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