Beauty Buy #4 -- Here Today...Aragon Tomorrow

Today the CC Crew headed to the nail salon for our bi-weekly pedicure and Fall's first manicure.  My Mom swears by one nail polish as she is very specific about what colors she will wear (dark only) and won't wear (no iridescence).  So today I decided to follow her sage advice and venture into the world of forest green nail color and two hours later I am quite the happy camper!

Here Today...Aragon Tomorrow by OPI
$8 at Ulta Stores and drugstore.com

Unfortunately nail color is difficult to capture in computer image but I will do my best to describe it's fabulousness via written word.  The online description bills Aragon as an emerald shade but I would have to disagree -- it is actually more of a dark hunter green.  Almost black.  What is so intriguing about the color is the way it changes color in the light.  A little sunlight will definitely make it appear more green and highlight the very subtle sparkle flecks. 

So some of you maybe asking why you would want to have black pine nails, well because dark nails are Fall's hottest manicure trend!  If you don't believe me, check out Christina Applegate.

For those of you curious, my Mom opted for a new color Black Onyx from OPI.

Something to keep in mind, file your nails short and square to avoid looking like a witch.

CC Tip:  Buy your bottle soon because Here Today...Aragon tomorrow will be discontinued as the OPI Espana retires to nail polish heaven. 

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