Couture vs. Cheapskate: Distressed Tall Brown Boots Edition

Can You Tell Which Boots are $35 versus $500?

Pair A


Pair B

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If you guessed Pair A is $500 pair ($498 to be exact)...then you have an eye for distinguishing distressed leather.  Kudos!

While I have been obsessing over a pair of Frye boots for a few months now, the price tag has definitely kept me from committing.  I know, I know...everyone who has Frye boots would run back into their house to save them from perishing in a fire.  And the boots would probably survive that fire because they last forever. 

However, if you are on a budget, you could have almost an identical look for $463 less.  Granted you are not getting handcrafted leather but you are getting a lot of boot and a lot of look for a fraction of the cost.  Plus, with the $35 pair, you will not have to worry about maintenance or buyer's remorse.

My recommendation is to buy the $35 pair because the only person who will know the difference is you.  Plus think of the wardrobe you could fund with the money leftover.  And when you have enough money saved in your shoe fund, take the plunge and commit.  Either way you won't be disappointed.

CC Tip:  Forever21 does not stock a lot of their shoes in stores, so your best bet is to order online.

Dorado Low $498 at thefryecompany.com (Pair A)

Distressed Leatherette Boots $34.80 at forever21.com (Pair B)

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