Fall Firsts: The Perfect Tight

So every Fall comes those dreaded rituals where you know cooler temperatures are inevitable.  For me, the two things that indicate Fall has fallen are:

1.  The first time I turn on my heat
2.  The first time I wear tights

I have to be honest, I love tights, however, I also love warm weather and am a bit blue when I know tight weather is here to stay.  Much to my delight the new pair of tights I broke out yesterday ended up being the exact tight I had been looking for unsuccessfully all last season.

Donna Karan Hosiery The Signature Collection
Perfect Opaque in Black
$18 at barenecessities.com

It is hard to capture the essence of a tight so I will tell you why I am so excited about them for the upcoming cold weather.  They are totally opaque and a uniform black all over.  What I don't like about certain tights is how in some areas they stretch and are lighter than in other areas.  These are totally black all over.  I would say like a legging but they are more thin like a nylon?  They have a bit of a sheen which I like as well.

The only thing I can say is I can feel myself falling in love with them and when I get this feeling I know I have a winner.  So you ladies out there looking to replace your hosiery for the season, I recommend giving these a try.

I wish I could take credit for discovering these but it was my Sissy (sister-in-law) who made the find.  I am forever grateful to her and you will be too!

CC Tip:  Size up.

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