Couture vs. Cheapskate: Camo Flats

Can you guess which pair of camo flats is $225 vs. $50?

Pair A


Pair B

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If you picked Pair B...then congratulations!  No amount of camo print can hide that famous gold Tory "T" from you!

Who knew when the British invented camouflage in the 16th century (thank you Wikipedia), they were essentially creating the perfect colour scheme to coordinate with any CC closet.  Flash forward to 2010 and you will find everyone from Charlotte Russe to Manolo Blahnik, Nine West to Tory Burch has done their version of the camo flat.

While I find the combination of green, black and brown highly versatile and an easy way to add a little pop to an otherwise basic outfit, I am bit concerned over the sheer amount of so many camouflage options available in footwear.  What this means in the fashion world...military chic is a trend about to declare defeat.

So my suggestion, as always, err on the side of value.  Buy the season's hottest trend because you will get a lot of wear out of your perfect color-combo camo flats...this season.  If you insist on splurging, save the box and dust bags for your flats because military chic is a trend that repeats itself every few years. 

If you want to go somewhere in the middle, try the Nine West pair pictured above.  Pony hair is perhaps one of my go-to CC tricks for footwear.  A nice pony hair makes any pair of shoes appear more expensive.  For around $50, you will have a low cost per wear and not be disappointed in the quality.

CC Tip:  If you opt for camo flats, do not, I repeat do not, wear with any other military influenced items from your closet.  It is too much of one trend in one look.

Pair A:  Nine West Loredana $47.99 at Nine West

Pair B:  Tory Burch Camo Reva $225 at toryburch.com

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