Nice Boots

Like many women of the Midwest, I have found I need multiple kinds of boots for multiple kinds of weather.  Your snow boots do not work as rain boots and vice versa.  So I finally broke down and gave into buying myself a pair of "wellies" because it is the middle of winter and clearly the appropriate time of year to buy a pair of rain boots.

Why did I cave in?  Because I could not resist the red laces.  Clearly I am very weak.

"Verbier" Black Boots by Hunter
$175 at zappos.com To Buy

First of all, let me start by saying I did not pay this much for my boots.  Second, I was not sure if they were that cute or if I was having one of my "I-like-it-because-it-is different" moments.  Third, I was nervous about the platforms.

Three days later and I am feeling pretty confident about this purchase.  At lunch the other day, a gentleman said to me, "nice boots," and although I shouldn't let my opinion be swayed by one stranger's compliment...I was flattered and validated.  And now I feel compelled to pay it forward by paying another stranger a compliment to their outfit.

Plus, the platforms are actually quite comfortable and a non-issue.  Best of all, I love anything with a good story and Hunter is no exception.  I mean British soldiers wearing them during World War I to march through flooded trenches?  Can it get anymore historic?

Surely I can survive marching through the flooded streets and parking lots.  Maybe even a stray garden if I am lucky.  Puddles beware.

So yes perfect stranger, you are right.  These are nice boots.

P.S.  Did you know Paddington the Bear also wore wellies?  And he survived an earthquake.

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