CC New Year's Resolution #1

Happy New Year everyone!

I hope you celebrated in style and were fabulous!

Generally I do not make any New Year's resolutions because I am a realist, I never follow-through.  However, this year I feel guilty because I feel like I have done you, readers, a disservice.

I resolve to communicate my wallet-friendly fashion finds on a more timely basis.

I can count far too many items that quite frankly were homeruns and due to my "saving-for-an-uninspired moment" strategy, I never had the chance to share with you.  I'm sorry.  Don't hate me.

So to show you how committed I am to resolving this issue in the New Year, let me share with you the Old Navy Women's Beaded Button-Front Cardigan.

Women's Beaded Button-Front Cardigan
$19.99 sold only at oldnavy.com To Buy

I am a big online shopper from a convenience factor.  Fine.  I am a big shopper.  Period.  But one of my cardinal rules is I will not buy anything online from Old Navy because I feel like their merchandise can look so different in-person.  Well one 25% off coupon and free shipping offer later, I made an exception for this sweater.

Originally I bought it for my Mom in green (no longer available) for Christmas, but gave it to her a little early so she could wear it for the holidays.  Two words: Big Hit.  Tons of compliments later, most people could not believe it came from the OLD and not some more upscale shop.

I too have it but in blue.  I think this sweater is a perfect office option and when you maybe want to look a little more conservative than usual.  I have not worn mine yet to run the workplace test to see if my co-workers love as well but I will let you know the outcome!

Old Navy Beaded Button-Front Cardigan

One thing of note...the beads in the image make it seems as if the beads will be the same color as the sweater.  Not true.  The beads are a clear color but still look nice and blend in.  No worries.

I am leaving my New Year's Resolution list open-ended because I may still need to add some more. 


But one thing is for sure, untimely CC posts are so 2010.

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Gayle said...

Saw your post as I was standing in Old Navy in Santa Monica. Was looking for this sweater everywhere in the store, but then realized it was an on-line only item. Darn! At least I am on the same wavelength as CC.