Some Days Are Better Than Others

Today was just not Couture Cheapskate's day...despite her best efforts.

It started with a shaving cut that bled way too much, a case of my favorite tights gone missing and an outfit with my new favorite sweater that just didn't come together at the last minute hence making me late for work and leaving me with a general sense of being off.

But don't hold the outfit against my new sweater, it wasn't her fault.

Cotton Cable Boatneck Sweater
$39 at victoriassecret.com To Buy

The problem was my go-to accordion pleat skirt has now been gone to a few too many times resulting in less crisp pleats and some stretching.  This skirt in its heyday and my still-fashionable 5 years later platform wedge boots, total perfection.  Today not so much...ending with the old stand-by pleated skirt in the donation bag.  It was time folks.

But!  If you are feeling a sense of discouragement towards this sweater...don't!  My sister-in-law received this sweater from me for Christmas and wore it with skinny jeans and cute plaid pumps.  Super cute.  Check out the tutu-inspired skirt below for another playful option.

This is why I love this sweater, you can dress it up with your favorite skirt or keep it casual with jeans.  Mix and match your different footwear for a different vibe.

Want to see how to transition this sweater for Spring?  Check out Sienna Miller.

So although today was not the fashion win I was striving for, I am confident this sweater will be on a permanent rotation in my wardrobe with its so cute pom poms and versatility.

Tomorrow is another fashion opportunity!

Now if I could just find those tights...

Some Days Are Better Than Others

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