Wishing For A Winter Wonderland

I have to admit I am slightly jealous of all those people in the Northeast who are enjoying an unusually snowy winter. Since the temps have dropped, we have only had 1 or 2 good snows and I have had no excuse to stay home and be cozy. I feel a lot less guilty sitting on the couch watching bad tv and online shopping when I am snowed in then when it is sunny and 70.

My Winter Wonderland vision revolves around two things: Woodlawn Cameo Mugs from Rosanna, Inc. and Fair Isle sweaters.

Woodlawn Cameo mugs and plates
$40 for 4 each at rosannainc.com To Buy

These dishes could be the cutest things I have ever seen.  Visit the Rosanna website and you will fall in love with 1, 2, 3 or more collections.  The Rococo Noir serveware is in my opinion, to die for.  Totally could serve my cupcakes on a cozy snow day.

Winter Wonderland Sweater Cardigan
$32.80 at forever21.com To Buy

I love this cardigan with it's little hood and pom poms.  Perfect for lounging on the couch with a pair of leggings, a Woodland cameo mug and knit boots.  Enter Pretty Little Liars season 1 marathon here.  If this sweater is not your cameo cup o' tea, pay a visit to any and all retailers this weekend to buy their version of the Fair Isle sweater.  You will have the perfect outfit...now all we need is the snow.

The below outfits are from Forever 21, but check out JC Penney and Eddie Bauer for more options.

Wishing For A Winter Wonderland

The only benefit to avoiding the Winter Wonderland?  I currently do not own snow boots and cannot get motivated to buy them because naturally I prefer fashion to function.  This is the pair I am considering but if it snows, I do not plan on leaving the couch.

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