Bears vs. Packers

I hope by the time you are reading this we are toasting a Bear's victory.  Fingers crossed.

There are two things all Chicagoans take seriously: food and the Bears.

For today's game, I am finding a way to combine both.  For starters we did our usual artichoke dip, chili con queso, bacon wrapped dates and fancy schmancy pigs-in-a-blanket in puff pastry.  The main course is a light yet hearty Chopped Salad with Bacon and Fried Garbanzo Beans...perfect fare if you are sick of the usual football party food by the time playoffs arrive.  Keep the cheese and ranch dressing to the side for anyone realllllly minding their X's and O's when it comes to calories.

That still doesn't answer the question "what to wear."  Right now we are wrestling with the superstition of wearing the same clothes as we wore during last week's victory or breaking out new more team-spirited apparel.  Not to mention is it lazy Sunday at home or out with friends at the local neighborhood bar?  Either way it's cold, but what else is new.

If you are looking for the perfect accent to your orange and blue, try this nail polish my friend has dubbed  "Bear Down Blue" by OPI.

Bears vs. Packers

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