Cheap Cure For the Blahs

Last week was one of those weeks that felt a little...how would a sophisticate say it? 

Oh yeah.  Blah. 

I mean I was writing about carrots.

Unfortunately as blah as I was about the weather and lack of new tv shows, I was equally blah about my wardrobe.  For some reason this week nothing apparel-based made me excited or inspired.  And all the new, exciting clothes in stores were just a little too spring-y for the "feels like" negative degree weather outside.

So one of my favorite tricks I use to feel a little more bright-eyed and bushy-tailed and less fashionably melancholy is to spend some time perusing the jewelry section of Forever 21.  For less than $20, you can get two fancy pieces that will make you smile.  Maybe even three.

Best yet jewelry knows no season and can be worked into your upcoming Spring collection especially if you pick turquoises and corals.

Cheap Cure For the Blahs

Second tip? Try a sale sweater (like these from the Gap) in a bold color to playfully contrast against the baubles you select. Try coral and navy, magenta and turquoise or more subdued forest green and black. Make the combos really contrast for extra blah prevention.

As much as you will love getting the creative juices flowing, it is equally enjoyable spending a half hour searching for your treasures and spending less than your lunch. Total fashion fulfillment in an otherwise dull time of year.

Bright sweater + bright jewelry + either black pants or jeans = maximum fashion spirit lift.

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