CC New Year's Resolution #2

CC New Year's Resolution #2:  I resolve to be more patient.

You see this year CC is going to being trying new things and she needs patience while she teaches herself new programs and technology.  And she needs patience from you as she works out the bugs in efforts to bring you a more stylish and easy-to-read Couture Cheapskate.

(Okay...that's enough talking in the third person.)

But case in point....my first actual photo directly from my own camera.

(I know it is a little blurry but I am still Annie L-in-training!)

You may be asking yourself, what is this and why is it CC?  Well, if you had been reading your Couture Cheapskate over the weekend, you may have seen this silver mosaic votive as part of my New Year's Long Weekend Ideas post.  Here it is burning brightly in-person in my entryway.

Why I am sharing this with you today is a few reasons:
  • A few CCs were discussing awhile back and apparently some people enjoy candles because they like to see the actual flame.  The mixture of silver and clear glass allows for an elegant and slightly distorted view of the flame.
  • Sometimes people worry about ruining their decorative candleholders when the candle melts into the inside.  In this case, I have dropped a 3 oz. Kringle Frosted Cake Candle Jar into the votive to keep the messy wax clean and contained.
  • If you can't find a candle in a jar that fits nicely inside your candleholder, add a teeny tiny bit of water to the holder before placing the candle inside.  When the candle is done burning and the wax is hard, you can pop the leftover wax right out.

(Professional, yet not as "raw" as my original shot)

If some of you are still asking why is this CC?  Because you get the elegant glow for $2.50 and will not have to be buying a new candleholder or jarred candle every time you want to stare at the flame.  A beautiful candleholder that probably costs less than the candle burning inside of it.  If you want a variety of sizes, there are additional options all less than $12.50 each.

Please let me know if you think I should enter any amateur photography contests.  I will call this submission "Candle by Door."

Thanks for your patience.  I hear it is quite the stylish virtue.


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