CC Challenge: 28 Days

The challenge is simple.

No buying clothes for 28 days.

Beginning February 1, 2011, I will attempt to go 28 days without buying 1 article of clothing.

No matter how deep the discount or once-in-a-lifetime the sale, I will refrain from all purchases involving fabric and footwear.

I haven't quite decided if this ban includes home decor, jewelry or cosmetics?

Have no fear!  I will continue to post fashion-related items, they may just not be things I personally own but have researched.  (Read: tried-on but not bought.)  My focus this next 28 days is going to be based on styling what I already own and seeing how many looks I can create without spending a dime.

That sounds pretty Couture Cheapskate to me.

Wish me luck!!!!

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