Celebrity Inspiration: Red Dress and Nude Pumps

One of my favorite red carpet walkers (but not necessarily actresses) is Cameron Diaz.  Her style is simple, a little sporty and a lot sophisticated.  I am always impressed how she can work her basics and make her look stand-out chic.  In a world of envelope-pushers trying to make a Best Dressed list, Cammie D. rarely misses the fashion mark.

I am inspired by Cameron's red dress and nude pump combo.  Most of us, I am assuming, are not walking a red carpet at a movie premiere anytime soon so how do we take this combo and work it into our everyday life?  I would start with a red dress of any sort.

Drape-Neck Belted Sweater Dress
$19.99 at express.com To Buy

I am adamant every woman should own a red dress.  I think it is powerful, sexy if it needs to be but shockingly basic.  I picked this sweater dress (besides you know I love it) because it represents how you can be inspired by a celebrity look using the everyday pieces you have in your wardrobe.  Of course there are 1 million red cocktail dress options if that would be the route you prefer.

As far as nude shoes go, I have been dreaming about this pair since I spotted them at the Nine West sale.  I like the suede and patent combo because it is more of a winter fabric.  Textured fabrics, like suede and patent, always make footwear appear more luxe.  Plus with suede, there is not that "is it skin or isn't it" confusion like with plain nude leather.

"Paul" by Nine West
$34.99 at ninewest.com To Buy

I feel like I hear some of you wondering what to do about hosiery.  Break out your leggings.  If you don't like how the nude looks with leggings, I think you know where I am going...leopard print pumps.

"Jessica" by Jessica Simpson
$79 at piperlime.com To Buy

Naturally I think the follow-up question would be is there really anything better than a red and leopard print combo?  And I digress.  All I am saying is this may be the option us Midwestern ladies choose until our weather catches up with sunny LA and we can break out our nude footwear.

Complete your look with some easy gold jewelry because when wearing a red dress, you don't need much.  Simple gold hoops will do.

Take the Cammie D. Challenge...see if you can spot her in a fashion disaster. I know there were a few awards gowns awhile back that were critically panned but I happened to love them.  Her sense of style is one an everyday women can emulate in her own wardrobe. 

Now if I could just be equally inspired by her work-out routine.  Check out that arm tonage.

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