Invasion of the Nautical Stripes

The second week in January can only mean one thing...invasion of the nautical stripes!

They're everywhere!

And I haven't even seen one yacht which leads me to believe this always-around Spring trend is more for show than actual boating.  Which seems odd to me because isn't one of the Fashion Commandments thou shall not wear horizontal stripes?  Maybe there are different rules at sea.

I guess it's not the stripes I have the problem with, it's just the lack of variety in fashion this time of year.

As you can see below, too much nautical stripe is overwhelming.  You get one piece sailor...keep all the rest simple.  If one is all I get, I am going with a nautical stripe dress because I think this is the kind of lady who yachts I would be.  And no sailor jeans with any striped top...that would get you sent back to shore.

Tune in next week when I reveal my new favorite way to style stripes.

Invasion of the Nautical Stripes

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